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I have studied art throughout my life starting at a young age being taught by my father, a book illustrator. I then went on to study at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, The Art Institute Online of Pittsburgh, and the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. I recently completed a Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in another of my passions, Environmental Science. I created art that I printed on cards and commissioned to local gift shops, but it was not until I started my pet care business in 2010 that I was inspired to do pet portrait art. Our fur babies are as much a part of our families as our humans, and I enjoy capturing not only their likeness, but their character, humor, and spirit. My portraits have been done in charcoal, oil, and acrylic with my present works being done mostly in pastel.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Element of Surprise

The element of surprise has always been a part of our existence. The not knowing, the unexpected around every corner can be stressful or can motivate change. When those moments of chaos, be it good or bad by ones own definition, arise we often are forced to reexamine our priorities.

 Here is my most recent portrait; the surprised kitten. The young explorer loves to investigate the world and get into mischief. Sometimes she falls, and sometimes she leaps to great heights gaining new perspective. It's a simplistic notion I suppose, but next time you find yourself surprised by something, observe if it knocked you down or picked you up. It's not always the surprise itself that creates change, it's your reaction to it, and how we react is most likely dictated by our perspective, our own story. Unexpected moments can be a great turning point in your life, but you have to be willing to explore, investigate, fall down, and chance the unexpected around the next corner.