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I have studied art throughout my life starting at a young age being taught by my father, a book illustrator. I then went on to study at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, The Art Institute Online of Pittsburgh, and the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. My love of nature later inspired me to complete a Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Environmental Science. I have created art that I printed on cards and commissioned to local gift shops. In 2010 I opened a small pet care business, which I still run, and started creating pet and animal-inspired art. While out with the animals, I take lots of photos that I later use as references for my art.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2017! Though it should be in our minds everyday, today is a good reminder that we all share this amazing place together, and it's a collective obligation to take care of our home. As we get caught up in our day to day rush to success, whatever that may be, the Earth takes its time and continues to provide us with everything we really need, whether we appreciate it or not. Always take some time to look around at what is being given to us everyday.

If you venture out today, you can take part in the special events, or you can take a quiet walk at your neighborhood park. Either way, enjoy what the Earth gives you for free every day. It asks only that you nurture it, and it will continue to nurture all of us.

If you are here in the Cleveland Ohio area, check out all the fun events going on today. Enjoy!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring into Change

Springtime to me always feels like an opportunity for change. If I feel like my life is on repeat, then Spring is a great chance to begin again.

 As many of my followers know, my family and I moved from southeastern PA to the Cleveland OH area recently. I love it here! Despite many unforeseen events since we got here, hey that's life you know, I am having a great time taking in the new sites, meeting new people, and the varied (and much larger) wildlife here.

My fur babies, seen in the paintings here, endured the long drive by car to get here. It wasn't too long before they found their favorite new spots in our home. I think they are also enjoying watching the larger wildlife outside. :)

My pet care business is slow to start, and no new art as of yet, but with Spring in the air now, I am filled with creative inspiration. I look forward to continuing my art work here in Ohio and meeting new clients and fur babies. There's nothing like walking a dog in the Spring rain or working on a drawing until my hands are covered in art colors. Now get outside and get dirty! -SB