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I have studied art throughout my life starting at a young age being taught by my father, a book illustrator. I then went on to study at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, The Art Institute Online of Pittsburgh, and the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. My love of nature later inspired me to complete a Liberal Studies degree with a concentration in Environmental Science. I have created art that I printed on cards and commissioned to local gift shops. In 2010 I opened a small pet care business, which I still run, and started creating pet and animal-inspired art. While out with the animals, I take lots of photos that I later use as references for my art.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!
Pen and watercolor illustration for print. https://sandybock.com/
Though you may not be picking anything out of your home garden yet, no doubt you're outside playing in the dirt this weekend. I learned to love having a home garden from my parents and my extended family. 

As a kid, I remember always being barefoot, climbing trees, and purple stained hands from the long summer days picking elderberries. Yum! I think that's where I grew to appreciate and have compassion for all creatures. Bats in particular seemed to love sleeping in the elderberry bushes, but they also kept the insect population under control. 

As a mom, when my kids were just wee ones, I grew a small vegetable garden and had a couple raspberry bushes. Kids love picking raspberries! I know because it was, and still is, my favorite! As we went through many tough years, as so many of us have, the garden was less nostalgia, and more necessity. The DIY era we are in now has brought many of us back home and learning or relearning, those "domestic" skills. Social Media is now flowing with creative home energy from gardening, to canning, to making your own clothes. I am no different, and I am thankful I grew up in a DIY household back in the 70's and 80's.

So get outdoors this weekend! Go play in the dirt and appreciate all those new plants popping up in your gardens. Take a walk or hike at your community parks and have compassion for all those new creatures who just arrived. Take your shoes off, read a book, draw a picture with your kids, and blessings! 🍅🏡 (Please visit my new site!) https://sandybock.com/

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Art of Good Life

Pen and Watercolor Country Kitchen Garden Goodies
Recently, I switched gears and went back to one of my old favorites, pen and watercolor. I think it brings out my love of country living the best. :) I am working on a series to include in a line up of art I am planning to print on cards, notepads, tote bags, and calendars. These will then be offered in a few Online shops I will be setting up. More on that in the coming months. For now you can follow my art here or on FB and Instagram. I am enjoying all the feedback and encouragement I am getting on social media as I restart my artistry. I truly love art and sharing my love of country life, a healthy lifestyle, a love of all God's creatures, and the nostalgia of living close to the land. Blessings! 🍅🏡🎨

Friday, March 9, 2018

Artist and Pet Care: My Self Employed Life

Playing with my art in Print Shop

"The Rescues" pastel painting
I moved to Ohio just over a year ago and restarted my small pet care business and my pet inspired art business. My phone is filled, and I mean filled, with furbaby photos I take everyday. Some are my own two Maine Coon babies, others are of my pet care client's pets, and in between are photos I was lucky to get of the surrounding wildlife while out on dog walks or hiking the parks. I have collected a wealth of creative inspiration, but more so than the images, are the stories that go with them.

I love being self employed and doing what I do for many reasons, but one is that I don't miss out on the natural world who's heart is always beating strong all around us. I get to see the seasons change up close as birds migrate, animal's fur coats change, new young are born, and plants die off only to be reborn again later the next year. Along side these ongoing outdoor adventures, I get to step inside the private world's of my clients. I have a relationship with these people because we share a common thread, we love our furbabies and will go to greater lengths for them then most other people will ever realize. The pastor at my church had asked us around Christmas to step inside someone else's world to gain perspective on the people in our community. He suggested doing some volunteer work or to check in on a neighbor that you may have only said hi to in passing. I smiled because my profession allows me to do this every day, to step inside the world of my clients and put myself in their shoes.

As an artist, all of the photos I collect, all the the stories I witness, emerge on the canvas as an illustration of life, my self employed life. Above is my most recent pastel painting inspired by one of my client's who has rescued a few cats. I also attached an image of some design work I am playing around with these days. If you'd like to see more of my work and follow my self employed adventures, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. Blessings! 🎨🐈

Monday, February 5, 2018

Year of the Dog: Keep Your Soul Healthy

Year of the Dog:Keep your soul healthy! It looks like winter is sticking around awhile. I was born in a year of the dog. Instead of short term new years resolutions, I look at life as a long journey and good health (physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social) are daily goals, but I am in it for the long haul. So go hike in the snow, eat a healthy meal, work/learn with passion, and keep your soul at peace. Blessings.
Pastel Painting 12x16

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Faith, Gratitude, and Love

"Faith Gratitude, and Love" Pastel Painting
Happy New Year!

This was originally meant to be posted for Thanksgiving, and was on my social media sights in November, but it is certainly still relevant for the new year. As I try to keep up with my own art demands, my pet care business and the other hats I wear, can slow my progress. This painting is a good reminder that all things will get done if we have faith, are grateful for what we already have, and keep love in our hearts.

Many blessings to everyone for the new year!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Country Heart

"Autumn Coon" 12x16 Pastel Painting
Even though I live closer to a city now, my heart will always be in the country. Honestly, the country is where I plan to be again someday. For now, I love taking lots of photos while I am out exploring the many parks here. I am never short of creative ideas when surrounded by all the crisp golden leaves damp with morning dew, smells of apples and pumpkin spice, and squirrels and chipmunks scurrying over the dirt paths as they work hard on this years harvest. I love this time of year!

This kitty is another cutie I have cared for through my pet care business. He is a very regal, affectionate cat and I was able to get some very majestic photos of him to work from for this painting. So this is a rustic, yet sophisticated, country autumn scene. 🎨😊

Black cats are traditionally used in Halloween art and the superstition behind them finds them in more cat shelters than other cats. In reality, their color is just the product of genetics, but their image still goes beautifully among the golden hues of the autumn season. So here I included in my autumn cat series, a regal black cat who would prefer to play in the leaves, eat some treats, and snooze in a pumpkin patch. 🐈🍁🍂

Friday, September 22, 2017

Autumn Play

"Autumn Play" 12 x 16 Pastel drawing

"Autumn Play" Happy Autumn Solstice! Here's my newest pastel drawing inspired by one of my pet care client's kitties. I enjoyed the mimicking of the bark and the cat's fur pattern. It's warm this week here in Ohio, but the cooler weather is just around the corner, and I can't wait! Autumn is my favorite time of year. Not only is the food the best this time of year, but the landscape is beautiful. So get outside and catch some falling leaves, jump in a leaf pile, and then have a slice of  pumpkin bread and a mug of warmed apple cider. 🍎🍂

All of my original drawings are for sale. I am also now taking orders for custom pet portrait drawings for the holidays. Enjoy the season! 🍁